Happy Women’s History Month! Sheffield City Archives remains closed and things have been fairly quiet on the surface at SFA recently, but that’s only because we’ve been busy behind the scenes! Today we launch our latest project Women in Lockdown, aiming to document women’s experiences of the pandemic through a digital archive of spoken andContinue reading

Newsletter – March 2020

Please find below the latest information on the Sheffield Feminist Archive project, including: current campaigns, collaborations, and guidance on how to visit the archive. We hope it finds you well!   Our first fundraiser We have recently launched our first ever fundraising campaign! We’re hoping to raise £200 over the next eight weeks for, amongstContinue reading “Newsletter – March 2020”

Remembering Resistance

In collaboration with the ‘Remembering Resistance’ Project at Lancaster University, we are hosting an all-day event on Saturday 21st September 2019! We’re teaming up to capture the brilliant stories of local women and their involvement in protest and activism in Sheffield. If you have any memories to share or stories to tell of a timeContinue reading “Remembering Resistance”