We know not everyone has the time or inclination to do a longer Oral History interview with us, or feel as if they have enough to talk about in one (if you would be interested, though, please get in touch!). That’s why we want to hear about your moments, experiences and stories of gender equality and feminist activism, resistance to gender-based oppression, and general triumph, adversity and reflection that you’ve experienced in Sheffield, or in your life as a Sheffield-based activist in the workplace, at home, outside or in the community! Anyone from any background can submit moments for our #ShefFemStories campaign, from everyday life, big events to tiny moments, either via Tweeting us at @ShefFemArchive or emailing us at We want to compile and preserve your smaller moments and stories relating to feminism and activism in Sheffield, both on our site and in our collection in the Sheffield Archives, to complement our longer-form Oral History Project and continue in the process of documenting vital women’s history in the local area.

Equally, we would like to expand and enhance our growing documented timeline of Sheffield feminism, so if you check out what we have so far and know anything that we haven’t included on the timeline, or know any good sources we could use and follow up on, from people to books to organisations – please get in touch with your information! We would love to make the timeline more comprehensive so that the Sheffield public  and anyone else interested can access this amazing information about activist history  in the city in one place.